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AddVantage is an initiative suitably designed for the students and professionals to make their dreams come true through a comprehensive process of training and development to pave their way into the corporate world.

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AddVantage offers a whole range of Training Programmes which are targeted to hone the skills of prospective employees. Industry is looking for an all rounder who not only excels in his technical job but also proves to be an asset to the organization. At AddVantage, we put in efforts to make the candidates organization-specific so that they can meet the demands effectively and efficiently delivering them the right skills as and when required.
Personality Development Programme

Personality Development Programme

Personality Development Programme

What TYPE of Personality are you? Every person is different personality wise.To your surprise it can be developed. Click here to view more.

Communication  Skills

Surprise people by surmounting your communication skills. Know the art of effective communication. Be at par with industry professionals.

Job Interview Preparation

Emerge as a winner during Personal Interview. Get the most wanted tips and tricks to crack the most difficult One – to – One.

Behavioural Skills

3 Major Skills, if practiced can make you stand out of the rest. Attend the Behavioural Skills Workshops and see the

Spoken English

Get your basics RIGHT. From Grammar to speaking English fluently and flawlessly. Our innovative and creative approach will make learning
English a fun tool.

Career Counselling

Have any career doubts? Shoot them up to reveal your hidden talent and the right path meant for your life ahead.



Personality and Skill Development Workshop
> Resume Writing
> Personality And Attitude Building
> Interpersonal Communication Skills
> Body Language
> Group Discussion
> Personal Interview
> Public Speaking
> 5 Free Practice Sessions.
Spoken English
> Beginner Level
> Intermediate Level
> Advanced Level.
Soft Skills Workshop
Verbal Communication
> Interpersonal Communication Skills
> Telephone Etiquettes
> Video Conferancing
> Presentation Skills
Non-Verbal Communication
> Official Communiqué
> Email Etiquettes
> Listening Skills
Behavioural Skills Training
> Time Management
> Failure Management
> Stress Management
Career Counselling
> Career Planning
> Career Path Crafting
> Self Awareness
> Motivation


  • ADDVANTAGE has played a very important role in shaping up my personality. The Mentor is extremely encouraging, helpful and effective at putting in time and efforts to expain every topic. She is also very supportive to students who needs extra help. I like the fact that there is a lot of interaction between students and trainer during PDP sessions..
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  • Taranpreet Kaur, B.Tech Student-BBSBEC, Punjab
  • Mary Major, Green World Copmany
  • John Doe, John Doe&Co
  • Theresa Green, Another Company

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